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Huxley Jones Designs was established by illustrator Tilly Stretton 5 years ago as an outlet for her passion to draw and paint. Her collection of illustrated cards has slowly grown alongside life with a young family.

From her home in West Berkshire, England, she creates hand drawn illustrations taking inspiration from her professional design background, work as a horticulturist, and life as a mother of two. Her faithful companion and company namesake, Huxley the Scottish Terrier, is never far from her side!

Tilly aims to put the environmental impact of her products at the centre of the design process without compromising on quality. As our collection of illustrated occasion cards grows we are proud to say all stock is printed in the UK on premium quality, 100% recycled card milled in England. Envelopes are between 100%-80% recycled. Embellishments are all biodegradable and fixed using compostable glue or thread. When required biodegradable corn starch sleeves are used to protect delicate designs.



Company namesake, stick connoiseur and chief foot warmer